We have built up a reputation for outstanding care and support, discover what our clients have to say about the home care support we provide.

The professional level and competency of Park Gate surpasses that of many other Nursing Agencys we have used in the past. We have received nothing but exceptional and highly qualified nursing staff for our practice. We are greatful for Park Gate being able to deliver nothing but the best for our needs. We look forward to a continued relationship as the years pass through.

Dr Bishop, London

After falling short on staff for a number of weeks the demand for more health professionals grew. We were in a quick panic as to where we were going to get our extra cover from. Thankfully we had been introduced to the Park Gate Nursing Agency who were able to meet all of our needs, supplying us with only the highest quality nursing professionals. We are confident that Park Gate will be able to provide us with the best Nursing Professionals as and when we require.

Dr Abram, London

My fathers Alzheimers has been getting worse over the past 3 years, my husband and I have been struggling to keep up with the demands of his particular needs due to our busy lifestyles. Putting everything on hold to ensure that my father’s welfare is up to standard can often prove difficult and frustrating while trying to take care of our own children. Our father is loved dearly but we had no choice but to seek help and care from a professional organisation. This is where we were introduced to Parkgate, they proved to be trusting and paid close attention to ours and my fathers needs. We would have no problem in recommending Parkgate as home carers.

Leona Fairclough, Greenwich

Parkgate have been an absolute delight. Our autistic son requires an exceptionally high amount of care and we find it difficult to find the respite period needed to recover after many long and hard days of constant work. Parkgate have helped introduce us to the ultimate home care plan which can fit in comfortably with our lives. Our stress levels have dramatically decreased knowing that we have extra support with professional home carers.

Phil and Lyn Jones, Kensington

Understanding what it is like to be classed as elderly can be difficult to grasp. Knowing when you need a helping hand to manage daily tasks and chores can be difficult to admit. Parkgate have helped to introduce the ideal home care service for my mum. My mother’s level of independence was going to make receiving care from an organisation very difficult. Parkgate knew exactly how to handle and introduce the care considerately and effectively. We are so happy knowing that Parkgate are capable of assisting with the continuous care of my mum.

Mary Douglas, Shoreditch

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